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Get a great move and put a little money in your pocket

Personally Procured Moves (PPM)

A personally procured move was never easier.  Joanna's Moving provides you a binder with the forms you need for easy reference.  Pockets for receipts, moving checklists and more are in the binder.  The eight steps from

  1. Make Application at the Personal Property Transporation Office (PTO)
  2. Determine how much help you want.  Do you want Joanna's Moving to pack everything? Or just move the boxes you packed.
  3. Hire your mover (we recommend Joanna's Moving, LLC)
  4. Make sure your insurance coverage on vehicles, boats etc are up to date
  5. Go to the local dispersing office and get your operating allowance
  6. Get your weight tickets.  (Joanna's Moving does this for you)
  7. Don't forget to keep your receipts (in the pockets of the free moving notebook from Joanna's Moving)
  8. Within 45 days, submit your settlement for payment of all of your move related expenses.