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Packing to Move

A well-packed box can "fall" out of the back of the moving truck and the contents of the box are fine and unbroken.

For good packing results do this:

  1. Use three strips of packing tape to secure the bottom of the box
  2. Wrap the items that go into the box
  3. Fill the empty parts with peanuts or paper or towels so that the box is full when sealed. (under-full boxes collapse in the truck).
  4. label two sides and the top
  5. Number the box sequentially
  6. Have a corresponding index card or use a computer to list the items in the box
  7. Keep the cards in your moving notebook.  If using a computer, make sure the file is in the cloud or on a thumb drive too.

Hiring Joanna's Moving as your packer

  1. Call and get a free estimate 251-223-9997 or 205-832-0828
  2. Set the date
  3. Watch the work or go do something else.
  4. See the packed boxes ready to go
  5. Pay
Moving Day with packed truck

Packing Tip

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